Computational Model

HEEDS utilizes a computational modeling and simulation approach to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. to analyze the record of each student to determine his/her priority subjects,
  2. to predict the demand for subjects, and
  3. to determine initial class schedules for the priority subjects of each student.
These tasks are abstracted by the yellow ellipses in the figure below.

The Record of each student is analyzed using Automated advising to determine his/her Priority subjects for the succeeding term. When analyzing the record of a student, Automated advising follows all relevant academic rules embedded in the parameters of each subject (units, terms offered, prerequisite, etc) and each curricular program (subjects each term, possible electives, etc). Thus, the collective academic wisdom of the university expressed during curriculum committee deliberations, is applied in determining the Priority subjects.

From the Priority subjects of all students, Demand prediction calculates the DEMAND for subjects. The departments, when they Prepare Schedule of Classes, use the DEMAND to justify the SUPPLY of classes for each subject.

Automated scheduling pre-enlists students by determining an Initial schedule of classes for the Priority subjects of each student. In determining the initial class schedules of students, Automated scheduling also attempts to maximize the number of students in a section.

During Registration period, a pre-enlisted student can accept his/her Initial schedule "as is" or change sections, or change a priority subject with an alternate, to produce a Final schedule.

Automated advising simulates the process performed by a student and his/her adviser to decide which subjects to register for the next semester. Automated scheduling simulates the process performed by a student to decide which classes to attend. These simulations provide the University administration the planning insights to direct the enrollment process, while allowing students to retain their freedom to choose subjects and classes.