The enlistment controls are available to the Adviser, Dean and ADMIN roles. The controls are also available to students if self-enlistment by students is enabled. The subjects for a student are decided in the checklist view. If the student is not enlisted in any class, 'Find block' determines suitable blocked sections. Sections are added/deleted in the 'Classes' view for the student.


Checklist view

Q. What is "Use FEASIBLE subjects As ADVICE "

A. The FEASIBLE subjects are determined by the advising algorithm based on the latest available data. Select this button to replace the ADVISED SUBJECTS (see next question) with the FEASIBLE subjects. You may need to do this if there were changes to data after the ADVISED SUBJECTS were determined. Data that affect the advising algorithm are: grades of student, curriculum, subject prerequisites, subject substitution rules, and closed/opened classes.

Q. What is "ADVISED SUBJECTS for (term), SY (school year) "

A. Initially, these subjects are automatically determined for each student when the Registrar runs 'Needs Analysis' (in the HEEDS ADMIN page). These subjects are manually updated by clicking the 'Use FEASIBLE subjects As ADVICE' button (see above), or by the 'Add' or 'Del' controls (see next questions).

Q. What is "Allowed load (units)"

A. Initially, the allowed load is automatically determined for each student by 'Needs Analysis'. This load is manually updated by clicking the 'Use FEASIBLE subjects As ADVICE' button (see above), or by specifiying the new load, adding another subject (see Add below) or deleting one or more subjects (see Del below) then clicking the 'Use FOR ENLISTMENT' button (see below).

Q. What is "Add (subject) (Approved COI or WAIVER of prerequisite)"

A. The subject entered in the text box will be added to ADVISED SUBJECTS after clicking the 'Use FOR ENLISTMENT' button. HEEDS may not have included the subject due to non-satisfaction of prerequisites, or the subject is not offered. If adding a PE subject, add the alphabetic identifier (i.e., PE A, PE B, etc) instead of PE 11, PE 12, etc. For NSTP, indicate the track (i.e., NSTP 12A, NSTP 12B, etc.)

Q. What is "Del (n) (box) (subject (units) (title)"

A. The subject corresponding to the checked box will be removed from ADVISED SUBJECTS after clicking the 'Use FOR ENLISTMENT' button. Reduce the number of ADVISED SUBJECTS to make 'Find Block' return fewer, but more relevant blocked sections.


A. Applies changes (allowed units, add a subject, delete subjects) to the ADVISED SUBJECTS.


Find block view

Q. What is "Block ID"

A. Displays the schedules of the classes in block identified by 'Block ID'.

Q. What is "# Matches"

A. The number of ADVISED SUBJECTS for the student that match the subjects in block identified by 'Block ID'.

Q. What is "Class ID (seats)"

A. The 'Subject + Section Code' of classes in the block and the remaining open seats. The remaining open seats may have changed if another adviser enlisted his/her student while you are viewing the page.

Q. What is "Enlist"

A. Add the student to open sections of the block identified by 'Block ID'.


Classes view

Q. What is "Enlisted subjects (Printable)"

A. The classes where the student is already enlisted; there may be '(None)'.

Q. What is "Action - Del"

A. Deletes the student from the class.

Q. What is "Enlistment Status"

A. The following are the "stages" a student goes through during enlistment:

  1. NYAd: Not yet advised - wait for Registrar to run 'Needs Analysis' or see Adviser
  2. NSub: No advised subjects - see Adviser
  3. NRem: Auto-advised by Registrar via 'Needs Analysis', no remaining subjects (YEHEY !!!)
  4. AReg: Advised regular subjects, via 'Needs Analysis' or 'Use for enlistment' button in Checklist view
  5. AIrr: Advised irregular subjects
  6. EnlA: Classes auto-enlisted by Registrar via 'Preenlist' button
  7. EnlM: Classes enlisted by adviser or self-enlisted by student via 'Action - Add' or 'Action - Del' links
  8. Cfrm: Schedule confirmed by student or Registrar via 'CONFIRM Schedule' button - changes still allowed
  9. Lckd: Schedule printed and locked by Registrar via 'LOCK' button - changes no longer allowed
  10. PAID: Partial or full payment made - student cannot be delisted

Q. What is "Weekly Timetable"

A. The weekly timetable for the student.

Q. What is "Other feasible subjects"

A. Other subjects that may be enlisted by the student if s/he needs additional units.

Q. What is "AVAILABLE sections in (subject) that fit existing schedule, sorted by undesirability"

A. Available sections for a feasible subject that do not conflict with existing timetable.

Q. What is "Action - Add"

A. Enlist the student into the class. The operation may not succeed if the class became full before you clicked the link.

Q. What is "(question here)"

A. (answer here)